Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency for children with developmental concerns.

The Alliance For Infants and Toddlers, Inc. was established in 1988 by a Federal grant to assist families of low birth weight infants. In 1992, The Alliance was chosen by Allegheny County as the Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency for families of children, ages birth to three years, who have developmental concerns.

In April of 2022, The Alliance was elected as the Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency to serve children residing throughout Beaver County. 

Early Intervention is a variety of supports and services designed to build and enhance the natural learning that occurs in the early years. Supports and services are provided in the home, childcare site and other community settings identified by the family. Any child, age birth to three years, living in Allegheny County or Beaver County is eligible for a developmental evaluation through Early Intervention.

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The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, Inc. envisions a future when all children and their families are valued and accepted members of the community.  We believe that all children and families deserve the choice and opportunity to participate, contribute and enrich their communities with their unique gifts.

The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, Inc. is dedicated to:

  • Respecting the strengths, challenges and diversity of families and communities.

  • Providing a broad array of high-quality services and support to families and children in Allegheny County.

  • Delivering services and support in a timely fashion and a respectful manner by a well-trained team who work in collaboration with families, professionals, and community partners.

  • Developing resources, knowledge, and relationships to support families and to strengthen the fabric of family life.




We recognize that families are the constant in a child’s life and know their child best.  Therefore, we are committed to practices that are family centered, flexible, and accessible.  We honor the diverse strengths, traditions, beliefs and culture of every family we serve.  We believe that building on the strengths of families supports healthier communities.  Therefore, we provide families with a reliable place to turn for answers, guidance, resources and support.



We recognize the importance of personal and agency growth to maintain the quality of our services by promoting opportunities for ongoing learning and collaboration.  We pride ourselves on a staff that is highly trained, knowledgeable, and eager to partner with individuals, families, professionals, and the community.



We value the individuality of each child, family, and staff member.  We believe each individual and family is unique and that services and support should build on their distinct strengths and qualities.  Further, we believe that each staff member brings unique perspectives to their work.  By respecting individuality, we commit to creating an environment that encourages diversity, creativity, initiative, and a sense of vision for the future.


The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, Inc. envisions a future when all children and their families are valued and accepted members of the community. 




We consider trust the basis for our relationships with each other and in working meaningfully with individuals and families.  It is our goal to provide an environment that is respectful, honest, accepting, and interdependent with dedication to a positive work ethic.  We believe those who work in a trusting environment are best able to convey that value to others.



We strive to be aware of the values of the members of our organization and the families we serve.  We are committed to empowering individuals, families, and each other in a manner that is just, fair, respectful, compassionate, and sensitive.


We believe that by supporting families to help their children we are contributing to a stronger, more productive community that embraces all families and children.