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Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency for children with developmental concerns.

The Alliance For Infants and Toddlers, Inc. was established in 1988 by a Federal grant to assist families of low birth weight infants. In 1992, The Alliance was chosen by Allegheny County as the Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency for families of children, ages birth to three years, who have developmental concerns.

In April of 2022, The Alliance was elected as the Early Intervention Service Coordination Agency to serve children residing throughout Beaver County. 

Early Intervention is a variety of supports and services designed to build and enhance the natural learning that occurs in the early years. Supports and services are provided in the home, childcare site and other community settings identified by the family. Any child, age birth to three years, living in Allegheny County or Beaver County is eligible for a developmental evaluation through Early Intervention.

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Connecting young children and their families with the developmental supports needed to thrive through family engagement and collaboration with community partners.

We envision a future where all children and their families are valued, respected and included as members of the community.




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